Simmering furniture towers: Innovative kitchen concept by Philippe Starck

Photo: WarendorfAshlar-like towers in dark wood, rather like a living-room unit that can be accessed from all sides. A footprint of one square-metre stretches towards the ceiling, accompanied by an elongated matt-silver table with wooden drawers – apart from the telltale tap peeking over the surface, it’s actually more reminiscent of a dining table or worktop.

The “Warendorf Towers” kitchen is the French designer’s latest line for the Starck by Warendorf Collection. The modular system consists of three main elements – two towers and a long multifunctional table – and integrates the kitchen with the living area so harmoniously that you have to look twice to make out the cooker and refrigerator. The spectrum of functions is roughly divided into a “cold tower” with a dishwasher and fridge-freezer and a “hot tower” with the oven or steam oven. Three sides are closed by drawers, the fourth can be designed individually – with a slate panel or mirror, for instance.

The towers can be rotated 360 degrees and, depending on the situation – if friends are visiting, for example – be made unidentifiable as a kitchen simply by closing the doors. The “Trumpet Table”, named after its distinctive chrome feet, combines the work surface, sink zone, hob and dining area. The necessary pipes and cables are invisibly integrated into the trumpet feet.

The product concept of Warendorf Towers responds to the desire for a cosily designed space that merges the kitchen with the living room. The “Homing” trend has arrived in the kitchen once and for all. Homing describes an increasing tendency to bring private contacts into the personal living environment and make the home the focal point of one’s social life. Especially in cramped conditions, this kitchen solution can create extra space without making things seem overcrowded.

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