New Kitchen Trends at LivingKitchen 2011 in Cologne

Modern kitchens are masterpieces of technology that have turned into living rooms for the whole family. (photo: AMK)
Modern kitchens are masterpieces of technology that have turned into living rooms for the whole family. (photo: AMK)

By combining kitchen and dining room, people are placing new demands on their kitchens – a wishlist that kitchen appliance and furnishings manufacturers have gladly picked up. Nothing is left to chance in the modern kitchen. Each area is custom-adapted to the individual needs of the residents and regular kitchen users.

Today, the kitchen as it can be seen at LivingKitchen (18.-23.01.2011) in Cologne, is a fully emancipated living area: a zone in which people can spend a pleasant evening with family and friends, as a matter of course. The past decade gave rise to sensational ideas developed by kitchen planners. As a result, compelling new innovations are arriving in the market as „complete kitchen packages“ that merge a wide array of preferences, demands and requirements. The innovation starts with detailed planning of light installations in the kitchen and the space; continues to the ergonomic and process-optimized placement of the various work and rest zones; and finishes with a myriad of open and closed storage space arenas.

Material mix
In the same way a delicious meal is made up of several different ingredients, so too is the modern kitchen a combination of various materials. This material mix is not only in line with the latest trend in modern kitchen design; indeed, it also represents the most professional fusion of all time. Material combinations of wood, steel, stone, plastic and glass are increasingly in demand today. Glass in particular, as a front and back wall, represents a key theme.

Good light
Modern lighting installations are intelligent, provide subtle illumination and are unobtrusive. So, depending on the choice, closets with glass fronts can set the scene, unless the preference is for the new trend in open shelf spaces with integrated and energysaving light technology. Decorative LED lights, which are becoming more common in electronic devices like ovens and dishwashers, simply beautify the overall atmosphere. Good work surfaces and inside closet lighting are already commonplace.

Open shelves
Open shelves – one of the important trends of the new season – reflect the desire for clarity and order, and for minimal clutter. Visually straightforward and sleek, this trend goes hand-in-hand with the need for clarity.

New work surface coatings
Innovative coatings help protect the condition of the new kitchen for many years to come. For instance, stainless steel countertops – which previously were found only in professional kitchens – are extraordinarily durable and nevertheless easy to care for. The “acrylic-bound solid surface materials“ are likewise popular for their outstanding everyday qualities. These compound materials are extremely robust and durable, impact and shock resistant, heatproof and low-maintenance. Since they are produced in the casting process, almost all sink and countertop forms are feasible.

Additional highlights:

  • Shower extensions integrated in the faucets
  • Energy-saving and high-performance electric devices
  • Drawers that open at the touch of a finger
  • Intelligently-designed rubbish separation systems
  • Seating options with thick cushions
  • Zesty colour fantasies in fronts and on the walls

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