Lumiq: The new generation of cooling appliances from Bauknecht

The new cooling appliances Lumiq by Bauknecht. (photo: Bauknecht)
The new cooling appliances Lumiq by Bauknecht. (photo: Bauknecht)

Trendy design that harmonises with the rest of the interior, innovative technology that makes life easier and products that are kind to the environment over the long term – anybody installing a kitchen nowadays wants to be sure it combines all these features. The same goes for cooling appliances. Bauknecht is aiming to satisfy all these requirements with its new premium series by the name of Lumiq.

The modern design has already achieved public recognition in the form of a red dot design award. The clean, sharp and unostentatious form of the smooth-surfaced doors conveys a modern look with a cool and compelling elegance. The contrasting design of the convenient touch displays, which are intuitive to operate and optimally integrated with the door, adds an interesting visual counterpoint to the new series. Available with “Stainless Steel ProTouch” and “Premium White” finishes, the appliances can easily be integrated into any kitchen environment.

When it comes to technology, Bauknecht has concentrated on speed. The freezer in the Lumiq series has a special ShockFreeze function that freezes food three times faster than the conventional process – which has a beneficial impact not only on the appearance of the frozen goods, but on their taste and smell as well. According to Bauknecht, this freezer technology is unique in the household appliances market.

According to Bauknecht’s latest survey, “Kitchen 2012”, 59% of consumers would like their food to stay fresh and crisp for longer. Here too, the Munich-based company has come up with an innovative solution: Its ProFresh technology actively and precisely regulates the humidity and temperature in the refrigerated area by means of an intelligent sensor, thus keeping foods fresh up to four times longer than when conventionally stored in a refrigerator with Total No Frost. A special cooling compartment, the selectable ProFresh 0° zone, has been specially designed for storing sensitive foods like meat and fish. When switched off, the compartment can be used as additional storage space for fruit and vegetables.

Besides different functions, the Lumiq series also offers various storage capacities. The customer can for instance choose between a fridge-freezer combination or a full-sized refrigerator and separate freezer.

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