The new Book ARCHITECTURE+KITCHEN II of Leicht Küchen places kitchens in the centre of the house

(photo: Leicht Küchen AG)

The kitchen in the centre of modern architecture – this is the theme of the second edition of the Leicht book “Architecture+Kitchen”. Renowned international architects and creative Leicht interior designers from all over the world have contributed to its concept.

Nine family houses in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the United States and Taiwan are presented by professional architectural photographers. Common to all projects is the successful and harmonious integration of the kitchen within the architecture. The highest degree of esthetics, individuality, and exclusivity. The internationally successful brand Leicht, located in Swabian Waldstetten, makes a clear case with this book for the close interaction between modern architecture and pioneering kitchen design. 

For all architects involved in the book, the kitchen has a central role. It is “One of the most important rooms in the overall concept” (Tanja Diemer, Aalen) “Seamless transition between living and eating” (Ken-Fu Lo, Taiwan) or “THE place for communication (Herrmann Boss, Bregenz). For Michael Roeder, Stuttgart, “The kitchen is not a ‘trendy hobby room’ but naturally an integral part of the personal “Lebensraum”. For Roger Kurath, Los Angeles, “A meeting point where Life reigns”. The kitchens illustrated in this new book are accordingly always placed in the centre of the house in all nine residential projects, open for living and life. This results in a high degree of design continuation which influences both room and light and colour and material of the kitchen.

With 196 pages, the book, in its black linen cover, demonstrates the high quality of the large picture format. All nine residential projects are shown with detailed sketches, with interior as well as exterior elevations together with planning and design details. The texts are in five languages (German, English, French, Spanish and Dutch). The book is available via the international kitchen trade expert or can be ordered directly from Leicht for 10 Euro at

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