Best score for Bosch SmartCool: Minimal consumption, maximum flexibility

The fridge-freezer KGE39AI40: Score 1.4 for the most economical model and the best cooling properties in the test. (photo: Bosch)

Household appliance manufacturer Bosch must be delighted with the results of the latest fridge-freezer test by Germany’s consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest: the KGE39AI40 model that was included in the test features highly sophisticated compressor technology, electronic control and excellent insulation and made it to the top of the winner’s podium as “most economical model”. The appliance is thus also explicitly recommended as “supremely suitable for energy savers”.

The testers found the appliance’s performance equally convincing. With its “best cooling properties” and generous amount of space, it offers buyers a particularly “good price-performance ratio”. Another Bosch appliance also came out of the test with a “Good” rating: the KGN36VL30 achieved an overall score of 2.3. There were bonus points for the NoFrost technology, which protects the appliances from icing up, and the practical extra-cold Chiller Box for meat and fish that is a feature of both appliances also met with approval.

More economical than an energy-saving bulb
Not having to worry about how much energy you’re using to chill your food isn’t just nice, it’s important too, especially as cooling appliances are in constant use 24 hours a day. No wonder every kilowatt hour counts. When it comes to energy efficiency, the Bosch brand is pointing the way ahead – its most economical cooling appliances can even bear comparison with an 18-watt energy-saving bulb. According to Stiftung Warentest, the tested model uses even less electricity than an energy-saving bulb, with annual power consumption of just 141 kilowatt hours as compared to a good 157 kilowatt hours for the bulb This result was achieved thanks to the improvements the Bosch engineers have made to the compressor technology and evaporator. In addition, the optimised insulation and electronic temperature control guarantee constant conditions inside the appliance – and thus also help ensure minimal consumption.

Flexibility and clarity
The amount of space the SmartCool model provides, as well as the way its interior is organised, are equally impressive. Numerous flexible shelves or drawers permit customised utilisation of the space in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. In addition, the EasyLift door racks can be infinitely adjusted by up to 21 centimetres, providing safe and variable storage space for large bottles, jam jars or canned drinks. The FlexShelf is another example of the interior’s flexibility: the optional shelf is easy to pull out to create additional storage space as and when required. When the shelf is folded away, the compartment beneath it provides an extra-large storage area – for big gateaux, a turkey or lots of bottles.

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