“myBosch – the instruction manual of the future”: the all-round service app from Bosch

myBosch. (Foto: Bosch)
myBosch. (photo: Bosch)

Customers who decide in favour of a household appliance from Bosch will soon have a major service advantage: with “myBosch – the instruction manual of the future”, the free new service app for the iPad, Bosch will be providing an interactive, digital, all-round service to its customers in the near future.

From getting started with the appliance and learning its functions all the way to modern service tools and numerous tips and tricks for those who need them, the new app will be available to support new and existing Bosch customers starting next year.

Right after registering the appliance – for example, a new washing machine – users will be able to access customised offers such as an introductory video featuring the highlights of the relevant model. Following the quick-start introduction, there will be a digital instruction manual including a keyword search and list of topics.

If someone wants to know more about the optimal dosage of detergent, for example, they can either use the browser search function or just enter the keyword “dosage” to find the appropriate answers. Inviting and easily understandable step-by-step instructions provide immediate help. The optical care label recognition gives even more precise and personal assistance: just photograph the sewn-in label and your digital product companion will recommend the appropriate, appliance-specific wash cycle.

Owners of a Bosch oven can even find suggested recipes or possible accessories for their model in addition to specific information about their appliance. In all cases, the app provides numerous problem-solving options, for example in the form of a self-help video. If the question-and-answer support doesn’t solve the problem and the need for a service call becomes inevitable, the app can locate the nearest service centre and connect to the respective hotline or schedule an appointment online.

Fast, understandable and interactive – that’s how Bosch sums up the advantages of its new digital product companion. The company sees the service as a further component of its quality promise ÔÇô a promise that is not only intended to cover the household appliances and their functions, but also the comprehensive support and information provided to customers before and after they make their purchase. “myBosch – the instruction manual of the future” is thus also part of the new “myBosch” service platform and will be closely integrated with the content and visual design of the service pages and the entire customer benefit programme on www.bosch-home.co.uk. By the time the full app version is released in 2013, the look and content of this section will be adapted to the structure and design of the app and be linked with it in both directions.

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