Floating to victory: hovering air purifier wins Electrolux Design Lab 2012

Electrolux-Design-Lab-Winner-concept-2012-Aeroball. (photo: Electrolux)

You could easily think you’ve landed in a science fiction movie: luminous spheres that fly through the room as if by magic. Their secret: they’re filled with helium, clean the air as they hover through it and can even release fragrances if so desired. It was this Aeroball Project by Polish student Jan Ankiersztajn that convinced the jurors of the Electrolux Design Lab 2012 and won its maker the first prize of 5,000 euros, as well as a six-month internship at the Electrolux Global Design Centre.

The motto of the tenth Design Lab competition was “Home Appliances for all the Senses”. Students and young designers from all over the world were invited to design appliances that don’t just bring comfort and convenience to the home but stimulate all five senses as well. The ideas were to play flamboyantly with human perception and turn the household into a world of authentic experiences. Ten of the more than 1200 entries made it into the final of the global competition, submitted by students from Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Great Britain, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland and Spain.

The jury – consisting of chef and restaurateur Davide Oldani, designer Dante Donegani, design blogger Kelly Beall and Electrolux Design Director Thomas Johansson – declared Polish student Jan Ankiersztajn from the University of Fine Arts in Poznań the winner of the competition. His vision, the Aeroball, consists of a collection of little helium-filled spheres that hover through the room, filter and cleanse the air and can even release fragrances. “I still can’t believe I’ve won,” said Jan Ankiersztajn after the award ceremony. The jury was particularly impressed by the creativity and emotionality that set his idea apart from conventional air purifiers and room fragrancers.

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