Kitchen Planning: How your kitchen becomes a functional feel-good space

Small kitchen with practical functions. Picture: AMK

The new construction of a kitchen is always a long-term investment. Thus, future-orientated standards should be included in the planning of a new kitchen.

No matter, if it is an openly designed eat-in kitchen in a new house or a small kitchen in a single apartment: good planning is necessary for a professional and comfortable kitchen. „New buildings often have an open design merging the areas cooking, eating and living without walls in between. Therefore, there is more room for the new kitchen furnishings. In rental flats, kitchens are normally smaller and separated rooms. With optimised storage space planning, they can also work perfectly“, says Kirk Mangels, Managing Director of the consortium Die Moderne Küche e.V. (AMK), Germany.

Optimised storage space planning. Picture: AMK

Especially before starting to build a new kitchen, you should think about where to set up the functional areas. For instance, if you like to install the sink in a freestanding kitchen bar, you need to integrate water drain and  connection in the floor beforehand. Furthermore, many electronic devices are used for cooking nowadays; consequently, enough sockets should be included in the new kitchen. Sockets are also important for indirect light sources: LED lamps not only light up the various working spaces in the kitchen, they also provide a feel-good atmosphere – no matter how big or small the kitchen is.

Open kitchen as a fell-good space. Picture: AMK

If the electric devices in a small kitchen are arranged according to everyday work routines, it can save a lot of time and makes the kitchen even more practical. Drawers in the base cabinet create additional storage space, because they make use of the whole depth of the cabinet. Nowadays,  a colourful glas plate often replaces mirror tiles. The benefit: It is easier to clean and gives the kitchen an individual look thanks to freely selectable  colours. These tips on kitchen planning taken into consideration let everyone get the most of his or her kitchen!

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