LivingKitchen Stories:
with Vera, Bloggerin of Nicest Things

LivingKitchen Stories with Vera from Nicest Things

No matter if small, big, in cottage style or high gloss look – kitchens are just as diverse as their owners. That’s why it is so exciting to have a look into people’s personal cooking zone and maybe even get to learn something about the cooks themselves. In our new blog series LivingKitchen Stories, we have asked successful food bloggers from all around the world what their kitchens look like, what they can’t live without and what they find more important in the end: design or functionality?

We are starting our series with Vera, the blogger behind Nicest Things. The photographer and stylist from Heidelberg blogs about delicious recipes, interior design, creative DIY- ideas and photography and has allowed us a little sneak peek behind the scenes.

Vera’s kitchen is diverse, full of color contrasts but above all: very neat. “I need a large worktop that is absolutely clean and tidy.  No stuff lying around, no decoration except for things that I use on a daily basis.” This also entails having all the equipment within easy reach. “Aside from the blog, I am also working as a food stylist and photographer, which means I am in a big rush sometimes. That’s why my most important equipment is hanging on a rack above the worktop.”

Vera’s kitchen

Especially useful for this job is also a big fridge with a freezer – “for the huge number of ice cubes that I use while taking pictures. I always need a lot of backup”- and a good food processor to be able to mix properly. Making use of this equipment, Vera then creates beautiful pictures, from picnic recipes that make you hungry to colorful smoothies or new salad ideas.

Despite all the practical tools, there is no lack of beautiful and pretty things in Vera’s kitchen. “These trendy, favorite pieces that bloggers usually have, I have all of them in my flat as well of course. These are put on shelves above the kitchen table and are frequently styled and rearranged.”

The kitchen remains a place of comfort and retreat – something you can see in the pictures: Vera’s kitchen is bright, Scandinavian modern, maybe almost a little minimalistic and marked by a contrast of white, black and grey colors. Small elements in soft tones break open these contrasts and create an inviting atmosphere.

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