LivingKitchen Stories: with Anja from Butiksofie

Anja from Butiksofie

Kitchens are as versatile as their owners ÔÇô that is why we were curious how the kitchens of famous food and lifestyle bloggers look like. For LivingKitchen Stories, the bloggers tidy up their kitchens, let us take a closer look in their cooking spaces and tell us what they can live without in the kitchen. The third kitchen in our blog series is of food – and lifestyle blogger Anja von Butiksofie.

AnjaÔÇÖs kitchen is set up in Scandinavian style: Dominant are light and bright colors. “Thanks to the bright colors I can decorate individually, depending on the season. In the summer I like to decorate with fresh pastel colors and at Christmas time one may also find some golden gleaming accessories”.

Anja’s kitchen

The chalkboard in her kitchen is an asset Anja does not want to miss. The whole family writes down things needed. “But it can also be a warm greeting, which we write down.” Anja’s kitchen is furnished with attention to detail. “For functional things like the coffee machine and the blender, I spend a little bit more money – but you can already create a great atmosphere with small decorative accessories and little effort!ÔÇŁ

For Anja, a seat is indispensable in the kitchen. “In the dining room we have a big dining table where the whole family eats together, but for the preparation of the meals, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.” For the cake decorating and precision work a cozy space in the kitchen is very important. “But of course, to enjoy a cup of coffee during the baking time,” says the passionate baker.

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