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with Steffen from Berliner Speisemeisterei

Steffen from Berliner Speisemeisterei

For us the kitchen is the focal point in our house. Here everyone comes together, whether to eat, to talk, to cook or to work for the blog BERLINER SPEISEMEISTEREI.

Here, far more than pure cooking takes place. At the kitchen we do not only eat, but also work, paint, play, chat, tinker and much more. Therefore, this place is also the space of communication between my wife and me, our friends, my son and his mates, and finally the space for the daily feeding of our predatory house cat.

Steffen’s kitchen and his cat

Such a place therefore requires special properties. For us, it must be as light and open as possible, and still keep everything within reach. A bright and inviting atmosphere contributes to the friendly climate.

Steffen’s kitchen

If I think of cooking, the kitchen has to offer a lot of free workspace. For example, the worktop with its roundabout 80 cm depth it is deeper than in conventional kitchens. The working height was also slightly higher due to my body height of 91 cm. In principle, when it comes to technology I use high-performance induction plates and a modern circulating furnace. There are occasional purchases of appliances with special features, but these must all be easily storable in the cabinets. I do not have a favorite appliance; I work especially with the KitchenAid and the Thermomix. For small and large devices, I generally count on functionality and value without any compromises.

Steffen’s kitchen

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