Elegantly Pale:
Why Everyone Loves White Kitchens

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This is a trend that is truly spans the globe – people everywhere love white kitchens. We try to explain why.

The story goes: Once upon a time, there was a tiny kitchen fairy who set off at night, first visiting Inge in Wolfenbüttel, then Bill in Jacksonville and finally Dmitri in Nizhny Novgorod. After waking each of them, she proudly announced: “I am here to grant you your wish for a new kitchen. What colour do you want?” Guess what all three answered…? Right!

Are we afraid of colour?
Even though white is not actually a colour, that doesn’t stop most people choosing it for their kitchen. Images of kitchens on Houzz are proof: It seems like every second photo is of white fittings against light coloured walls (the latest Kitchen Survey confirms this impression).

Why is that? Is our world full of unimaginative people? Are we too timid? Don’t we have the courage to pick bolder colours?

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schön, schlicht und weiß (243)

Not at all. While in the art world the white cube faded away quickly after its fifteen minutes of fame, we still find white pretty beautiful in kitchens. This is primarily down to how our living spaces are changing today.


Bye-bye galley kitchens
Not so long ago, most kitchens were galley kitchens and one of the smallest rooms in the home. The housewife – a different kind of kitchen fairy – slaved away for hours behind closed doors to serve the family and their guests the Sunday roast in the dining room. Fortunately, this restaurant mentality is finally a thing of the past – it definitely won’t be missed.

Apartment L38

Open plan? White kitchen!
Instead, we decided to make the kitchen – where the party always happens anyway – part of our living room. More and more home builders are leaving out the dividing walls between the kitchen and living spaces. When preparing food, we often do so in large groups. Children, friends and guests all deserve a place by the oven, lending a helping hand or at least providing company at the kitchen counter.

This calls for a large room, and that room deserves or even needs special treatment. For a uniform look, it is important that kitchen furniture does not add visual weight. Ideally, the cabinets should simply blend into the walls: one white kitchen please!

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The indisputable beauty of purity and hygiene
Even though we can’t quite put our finger on it, white has a certain je ne sais quoi. White wedding dresses, white flags, white doctor’s coats – innocence, peace, hygiene; the (non-)colour has a consistently positive connotation in our culture. The only exception is karate, where a white belt won’t get you far. In kitchens, white has a calming effect. At last there are no flickering lights, no colours or images that jump out at us from all sides, everywhere and all day. White is also a symbol of emptiness, or an absence of things, so a white kitchen gives you space to breathe in times of sensory overload.

Apt r

The school of sacred Apple aesthetics
Who doesn’t think of Apple when they see white? The company has succeeded like no other in creating an ideal world of pure white devices, where no evil exists, everything interacts seamlessly and every object seems like it is heaven-sent.

Bright interiors can make us feel like we are floating on a white cloud in kitchen heaven, calmly burning a caramel crust on crème brûlée with a gas burner, and even create a sense of reverie combined with culinary delight.

In general, the following is just as true for kitchens as any other room: whatever feels good is allowed. And whatever looks good does good. The kitchen fairy winks, bows and vanishes into thin air in front of three shiny new white kitchens in WolfenbĂĽttel, Jacksonville and Nizhny Novgorod.

This is an English version of an article published on Houzz.de

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