The German dream kitchen:
bright, rustic and with a bar counter

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Kitchen islands, wood and light – the most-saved kitchens photos from Houzz Germany reveal clear trendsLaboratory-style kitchens with white, high-gloss cabinets – that was yesterday, or last year, to be more precise. Black kitchens or kitchens with black elements are also becoming less and less popular. How do we know that? We looked at the kitchen photos German Houzzers saved most frequently in their Ideabooks in 2016 and found a clear trend in the Top 30. 2016 is the year of wood – and bar counters. And this trend could well continue next year.

There it is! The kitchen most often saved by German Houzz users in 2016. And the other kitchens may be asking themselves: “What does it have that I don’t?” First of all, we have to say that this project by Maric Homes is a true evergreen – it was very popular last year too. We can also add that this kitchen combines all elements currently popular with German Houzzers – it is bright, it’s made of wood, it has a kitchen island and a counter with bar stools.

Open, airy kitchen in Rutland, UK

German Houzzers don’t just love modern minimalism in natural wood – country-style kitchens like this one by Hill Farm Furniture with their coffered doors and a dominant worktop made of reddish hardwood (American black walnut, Juglans nigra) on the kitchen island are also very popular.

Residence in California

This project by Taylor Lombardo Architects has a similar look. It is a country-style kitchen with just a few wooden elements to make it more homely. Bar stools at the kitchen island make cooking with friends more comfortable. Many of the other most popular kitchen images also feature bar-style seating.

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Penthouse KĂĽcheninsel

This open kitchen by Honey and Spice is brighter and more modern. However, the composition is almost identical – timber floorboards combined with a wood-coloured bar counter top. To complement this, colourful bar stools and solid timber chairs were chosen for the kitchen table. The other white elements fade into the background, only contrasted by the black window frames and a small wall surface painted black.

KĂĽche S.

While white remains the dominant fundamental colour for kitchen designs, combinations with wood were particularly popular in 2016 – the experts from Rother Küchenkonzepte followed the trend in this project. Of course, it also showcases the ever-present kitchen island, which also serves as a bar.

KĂĽche Beton Eiche W

This rustic yet modern kitchen by Wiedemann Werkstätten looks great with the white background. Oak and concrete are centre-stage in the sophisticated design, and have now become popular among enthusiastic German Houzzers.

Concrete and wood: Two powerful ingredients for a Lake Constance kitchen

High Street Project

Kitchens with strong graphic elements like this black kitchen unit are still popular, but slightly less than before. The room designed by R.Z. Owens Constructions is a hybrid of two trends. While kitchen islands of this type are still popular, dominant black elements like this are no longer in – dark kitchens have dropped a few places down the charts of the most popular kitchen photos compared with last year. However, this kitchen is still pretty cool.

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