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LivingKitchen Stories with Vera from Nicest Things

No matter if small, big, in cottage style or high gloss look – kitchens are just as diverse as their owners. That’s why it is so exciting to have a look into people’s personal cooking zone and maybe even get to learn something about the cooks themselves. In our new blog series LivingKitchen Stories, we have asked successful food bloggers from all around the world what their kitchens look like, what they can’t live without and what they find more important in the end: design or functionality?

Eating out(side) – the new outdoor cooking trend

© jokodomus

Eating together traditionally plays an important role all over the world. For some years now, however, cooking together has been enjoying growing popularity as well, as open-plan layouts in which the kitchen, dining area and living room merge into one single space go to show. But now cooking in company is going one step further – and moving outside. Whereas the idea of planning a house with an outdoor kitchen goes back a long way in Southern Europe, this trend is now establishing itself in the rather less sun-kissed climes of Central and Northern Europe as well. After all, what could be nicer than cooking and eating with friends on long, balmy summer evenings?

Vooking: Kitchen design perfectly tailored for vegetarian cooking

Vooking – an abbreviation of vegetarian cooking – is the result of a collaboration of an interdisciplinary team consisting of industrial and furniture designers, a cook and a carpenter. For this project, the industrial designers Mario Zeppetzauer and Stefan Degn of the German design agency “formquadrat” got together with the furniture designer Stefan Radinger, the cook Harald Hochettlinger and the carpenter Gerhard Spitzbart to discuss one question: Do I need a different kitchen for vegetarian cooking? The result is a new kitchen design named Vooking.

Now, which elements of this design differ from a classic kitchen design? Here are a few examples:

When cooking vegetarian meals significantly more food is cleaned and washed. This fact was taken into consideration when developing the modular and flexible 2-bowl-sink, which is equipped with border zones. Also integrated in the sink is a device for systematic disinfection. Moreover, a scale especially for grain enables to portion directly from grain sacks. The grain mill is designed as a built-in device and meets – just as the entire kitchen – the highest standards of modern design. “Indoor farming” to grow fresh herbs and spices is also part of the equipment as well as a cooling system that adapts to different foods.

It will take a little longer from the prototype to a market-ready version of Vooking. On LivingKitchen 2015 this revolutionary kitchen design will be presented to the public for the first time and you will have the chance to get a glance of this unique concept.


The project team: Gerhard Spitzbart, Harald Hochettlinger, Stefan Radinger, Mario Zeppetzauer, Stefan Degn (from left to right)

Vooking Concept Sketch

Prototype of Vooking