Bauknecht: Ideas for the kitchen of the future

Fireplace besteht aus einem multifunktionalen Tisch mit zentraler digitaler „Feuerstelle“ und aus einer Haube, die für den Luftaustausch und für unterschiedliche Licht- und Duftstimmungen sorgt. (Foto: Bauknecht)
Fireplace consists of a multifunctional table with a central, digital “hearth” and a hood that not only serves as an air exchanger but creates different lighting and aroma moods as well. (photo: Bauknecht) 

How do we want to live? How are our wants, needs and habits changing – and what might the household appliances of the future look like so as to accommodate these changes? With Fireplace and FreshConnect, Bauknecht is presenting two design studies that provide some potential answers to these questions.

“These design studies could serve as inspiration for completely new product generations that are fundamentally different from the household appliances we know today,” explains Marten van der Mei, Marketing Director at Bauknecht. “Fireplace and FreshConnect introduce two concepts that not only use new technologies but which, more importantly, pick up on important trends that will shape our daily lives in the future.”

Fireplace: The hearth of the 21st century
The Fireplace design study addresses the desire for more togetherness and interaction while cooking and eating. The focal point is a multifunctional table with a central digital cooking zone – the modern hearth – and a hood that serves as an air exchanger and creates different lighting and aroma moods. The height of both elements can be adjusted to ensure optimal ergonomics and accommodate different usage occasions.

The latest trends: gentle cooking, exotic cuisine and eco-friendly kitchen concepts

Foto: Siemens.
photo: Siemens.

Today Greenies are no longer stuck in the past, they’re very much part of the future. Why choose between high-tech and Granny’s haybox when you can have both? The main thing is a healthy lifestyle. The manufacturers of white goods presenting their latest innovations at LivingKitchen have acquired a green conscience too and are combining healthy cooking methods with energy-saving concepts, pollution-free products and sustainable materials. And almost by the by, kitchen manufacturers are coming up with some really beautiful kitchens into the bargain.

Everybody knows how important it is to eat a balanced diet. Terms like fluid balance, glutamate or trace elements have long ceased to be an indication of professional expertise and have been assimilated into our general knowledge. “Organic” has long since spread to the supermarkets, and anyone in search of wellness no longer necessarily has to head for the bathroom but can pamper himself in the kitchen as well.

High-tech, convenience and cooking seem to complement one another without contradiction. Neither the top chefs who spend their days experimenting away in molecular kitchens nor the amateur seem to have any appreciable fear of contact with new technologies. Now that appliance and kitchen manufacturers have adapted to the need for alternative cooking methods, exotic cuisine and eco-friendly kitchen concepts, organic cooks, after discovering the medieval wisdom of Hildegard of Bingen, are starting to discover that of Bosch, Poggenpohl or Miele as well.