What goes around, comes around: Bauknecht presents the washing machine of the future

(photo: Bauknecht)
The design prototype was created in collaboration with the designer Arman Emami in Berlin and produced in Stuttgart. (photo: Bauknecht)

Bauknecht is venturing a glimpse into the future and presenting a visionary design model: the first round washing machine. With the prototype, which was created in collaboration with Berlin designer Arman Emami, household appliance manufacturer Bauknecht wants to underscore its innovative acumen and present a foretaste of the design of the future.

“Although the pragmatic, box-like shape of normal washing machines is logical, it’s totally lacking in emotion”, explains Emami – which is why he departed from the classic style and liberated the appliance from its corners and edges. With its special blend of function and form, the Bauknecht machine is intended to provide a glimpse of what direction design for our homes might take in future.

Marecucina by Alno: the yacht among the kitchens

Marecucina. (photo: Alno AG)
Marecucina. (photo: Alno AG)

The name itself already gives the design away: The Marecucina by Alno is clearly nautically inspired. The worktop made of solid walnut veneer with narrow maple inlaid work is reminiscent of the deck of a boat, and the LED lighting panel of a sail. A special three-dimensionally milled edge defines the bow. On request, a mast with storage space and a chrome-plated railing can add further accents typical of ships. However, the Marecucina is not only a design object for individualists but also a functional kitchen. How it made its way from drawing board to series production is explained by Alno product designer Ulrich Dahm-Wachsmann, who played an important role in conceptualising and designing the Marecucina.

How did you get the idea of creating a kitchen like the Marecucina?
The design of kitchen furniture is heavily influenced by the architecture of living rooms. And from architecture, we know that nautical and maritime elements possess a very high degree of attractiveness. Virtually everyone connects positive memories with the sea and journeys on board ships and has sailed himself or herself or would like to do so. As such, we saw the opportunity, from a marketing aspect too, of being relatively sure of tapping into a certain basic sympathy with our design innovation. Even the very first sketches that I drew and which were not least inspired by the precise observation of beautiful yachts were greeted with great enthusiasm by the marketing and development team. As a result, the project more or less ran itself – through to the serial production stage.