LivingKitchen 2013 kitchen trends: a sneak preview of novelties and innovations

The LivingKitchen 2013 will be showcasing the topic of kitchens in all its facets. With around 160 exhibitors from 18 countries, it is the leading international kitchen event next year and is – above all – also a decisive marker for the very latest household appliances and kitchen furniture trends within the German and European markets.

Although the fair for trade visitors and end consumers is still a good three months away, some exclusive exhibitors have already allowed us to peer over their shoulders and have disclosed which trends will be strongly influencing their presentation innovations at the LivingKitchen 2013.

The kitchen of the future: a high tech control center featuring EIB bus, touch screen control, Internet and iPod integration

photo: Gira.
photo: Gira.

Toilets in the bathroom and intercoms on the front door were the innovations of yesterday. In future, our houses will be equipped with a degree of convenience that still seems like Science Fiction from today’s perspective. The computer system that experts say is destined to automate a vast array of very different functions goes by the name of bus. Even today, household appliances deploy a good deal of high-tech to save energy and make our lives easier. Central control will hugely increase that potential. Trend researchers and industry experts have no doubts that the bus will come. It might be a little late – but it will definitely come. And its first stop will be the kitchen.

It’s 7:30 on a winter’s morning. It’s still dark outside. The indirect lighting in the bedroom gradually comes on to the gentle sound of the Kings of Convenience. The bathroom has already been heated to a cosy 21° C, a tempting smell of freshly brewed coffee issues from the kitchen and the rolls are already baking in the oven.

And yet there’s nobody in the kitchen to make breakfast. Everything that’s happening is fully automated by the EIB system, the European Installation Bus, a control system for the home.