Kitchens of the World: Clear, minimalist and practical ÔÇô the Scandinavia kitchen design omits flourishes

Less is more ÔÇô probably no other region in the world has committed itself more on this maxim than Scandinavia. Both the fashion and the product and interior design waive loud colors and exuberant stylings. Clarity and purism ÔÇô these are the attributes that matter.

As part of our blog series “Kitchens of the World” we took a closer look at the characteristics of Scandinavian kitchen design. What we found there? There as well we encounter clear shapes and a simple design: White or earthy hues frequently are the base color. Every now and then it is combined with accent colors such as muted blue or green. The fronts of the kitchen furnitures are usually made ÔÇőÔÇőplain and smooth, so in this case also one dispenses with frills and flashy decorative elements. However, the fear that a cool atmosphere could result from this overall very minimalist design is unfounded: striped walls, patterned carpets or homely dining seats are used as contrast and provide a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Skandinavische K├╝chen_1

Example for Scandinavian kitchen design

The used materials are mostly wood or metal. As different as they may be in feel and appearance, what they have in common is their natural origin. Often they are found in rustic wood floors, work surfaces, and heavy furniture such as kitchen large dining tables or accessories. The bulky ceiling lamps made of metal must not be missed. The Nordic kitchen design not only radiates warmth, but also practical functionality. Kitchen appliances and cooking utensils are not hidden behind doors and only taken out for use, but are hand arranged and therefore fully integrated into the room.

This perfect combination of a clear design, practical functionalism and warm elements leads to a distinctive, Scandinavian charm that is unique and classic.

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The new Book ARCHITECTURE+KITCHEN II of Leicht K├╝chen places kitchens in the centre of the house

(photo: Leicht K├╝chen AG)

The kitchen in the centre of modern architecture – this is the theme of the second edition of the Leicht book ÔÇťArchitecture+KitchenÔÇŁ. Renowned international architects and creative Leicht interior designers from all over the world have contributed to its concept.

Nine family houses in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the United States and Taiwan are presented by professional architectural photographers. Common to all projects is the successful and harmonious integration of the kitchen within the architecture. The highest degree of esthetics, individuality, and exclusivity. The internationally successful brand Leicht, located in Swabian Waldstetten, makes a clear case with this book for the close interaction between modern architecture and pioneering kitchen design.