Philippe Starck about the function of the kitchen, modern design and his Warendorf cooperation

Warendorfer Küchen GmbH engaged the internationally renowned designer Philippe Starck to create an additional kitchen collection: the “STARCK BY WARENDORF” Design Collection. The new “STARCK BY WARENDORF” furniture collection and the the room designs developed by WARENDORF add new highlights for creating a cosy kitchen to the traditional Warendorf premium kitchen range and will be presented at LivingKitchen (hall 4.2 stand B030 C039).

With its wide range of innovations, the collection is designed to go way beyond the concept of traditional, made-to-measure fitted kitchens and makes it possible to have furnishings for any room size and many different styles with its inter-combinable elements.

What was your first job in the design world?
A huge inflatable structure for the Salon de l’enfance in Paris. It was so new that the TV news came and broadcasted it.

Tell us about your collaboration with Warendorf. What does the Collection include? How long did it take to come to fruition?
This collection is about us, about the evolution of our habits, of society. It is about a life spent (since the beginning of time) around the fire. Fire that was the central place of any village, city, civilization. Starck by Warendorf kitchens bring new ergonomics, a different answer to daily life: the wife is no more cloistered away in her kitchen while the children are in their rooms … now the entire family can interact and share their lives in the space I propose. The option of a high table also allows a more dynamic approach between people. And as we cannot cater to everybody’s taste, there are options so that everyone, from our tribe, can find his/her fire. The kitchen used to be the heart and centre of any home. It is where the entire family meets. When I was designing the Warendorf kitchen, the hugely important task was to create a room that everyone wants to be in because it exudes a feeling of wellbeing.

Karim Rashid: the design pop star about inspiration, the colour pink and his work for Gorenje

Karim Rashid is a man of many talents. He is an industrial designer with permanent residence in New York – yet constantly on the road around the globe – who has created almost every piece of home equipment there is to design, from a salt shaker to sofas and light fixtures. He is also an architect, a decorator, a lecturer, a writer, an artist, even a fashion designer and a DJ. His portfolio includes an impressive number of over 3,000 designs in production, and over 300 awards. His products are featured in 20 permanent collections at various galleries.

He has worked in nearly 40 countries and the list of his customers is strikingly enviable as it includes brands like Alessi, Artemide, Audi, Cappellini, Carolina Herrera, Edra, Egizia, Estee Lauder, Foscarini, Giorgio Armani, Kenzo, Magis, Prada, Sony, Swarovski, Toyota, Veuve Clicquot, Zanotta, etc. Most recently, LivingKitchen exhibitor Gorenje (Hall 5.2 Stand C020) joined the roll.

In addition to denouncing all and any boundaries, this man, already a legend of modern design, is also famous for turning pink into a manly colour. He often chooses to wear it himself and his style of clothing is thought out to the last detail. If you are lucky, you might just run into him at a party somewhere between New York and Milan, Belgrade and Moscow.